RAISE will be the currency that will be used on all our platforms and all future tools and services we will offer. RAISE will be a utility token for the online entertainment industry and will be available as payment method on our own platforms. RAISE token holders will be able to use their RAISE tokens to bet or exchange on sports, join our online poker tables or compete on our very own Esports platform.

·RAISE is a ERC20 token build on the ethereum network

·RAISE has a limited supply of 750 million tokens

·400 million RAISE tokens will be offered during the token sale

·75 million tokens reserved for team, advisors, bounty and promotions

·275 million tokens as reserve to provide liquidity on our platforms and to launch additional promotions


ICO details

75 million RAISE reserved for private investors over 20.000$ value. (contact us by mail for special conditions)

Early bird PRE ICO: 25 million RAISE at private investor rate of 0.025$

PRE ICO: 50 million RAISE tokens available @ 0.03$

ICO : 250 million RAISE tokens available starting @ 0.04$ and increasing with 0.005$ every 100 million tokens.

             -First 100 million @ 0.04$ , second 100 million batch at 0.045$ and final 50 million @ 0.05$


Token details:

Contract: 0x5498644ac4c6bd00cc4f50ad0d6c983ada8196eb    Symbol: RAISE       Decimals: 18


ICO dates

Early bird PRE ICO: starts on opening of site June 8th 2018 until June 20th 2018

PRE ICO : starts June 20th 2018 ends July 10th 2018 or when sold out

ICO : starts july 11th 2018 ends August 31th 2018 or when sold out

Unsold tokens in every stage will be added to the final stage. All unsold tokens after the ICO will be stored in a seperate wallet and will be used to keep maintaining liquidity and as reserve funds for developement of future platforms, tools or applications.



ICO soft cap : $1.000.000 ( for launching our 3 core platforms but Platforms will already systematically get launched when 500.000$ is reached)

ICO hard cap : $16.500.000