Frequently asked question

What is RaiseYourBet?

RaiseYourBet will deliver as very first a token that people can use on multiple platforms. RYB will launch its very own online pokerroom, sports betting platform, betting exchange and Sports platform. All our platforms will exclusively operate on our own currency, RAISE

Can everyone use RaiseYourBet services and token sale?

Our token sale is available for everyone. After the token sale there are no country restrictions to participate on our platforms. RaiseYourBet platforms will be fully anonymous to sign up. We only require an email address, username and password to sign up on our platforms.

Will RAISE be publicly tradable?

Yes, As soon as our token sale is up and running we will apply to get listed on at least 1 public exchange ASAP. This is one of our major priorities beside the launch of our platforms. We want our players to be able to sell their won RAISE tokens for BTC and ETH if they wish to.

Where can I find all ICO details?

All details about our ICO and future platforms can be found in our white paper. Our white paper link can be found on top of the homepage

How can I participate in the token sale?

-> Register an account on our website www.raiseyourbet.io -> You can deposit BTC, ETH to your dashboard or we have several wallets available to deposit fiat currency. -> As soon as your funds has arrived in your wallet you can buy RAISE token. -> Tokens will be send to your personal ERC20 compatible wallet within latest one week after the end date of the stage you bought. Your total amount of tokens will be visible at any time in your ICO member dashboard, but it can take a while before they reach your personal wallet.

Can RYB guarantee a future value for RAISE tokens?

No we can't. But on the other hand we create a token for 3 different billion $ online businesses. This will guarantee large liquidity on our platform and so will be on the exchanges. By using RAISE as exclusive payment option there will be a continiously demand for RAISE tokens. RYB will also regularly buy back tokens from the public market to guarantee our reserves, launch bonuses, etc. All these factors will create a healthy environment with a continuously supply and demand on the public exchanges which eventually will result in a positive growth of the RAISE token value.

Is RYB compliant with all gambling regulations?

Yes, in the beginning we operate under the licenses of our partners. As soon as we build out a strong brand and are ready to stand alone than we will apply for licenses ourself. As a decentralized and tokenized gambling project we can easily offer our services with limited license obligations. And licenses that are needed are provided by our partners.

Does RYB have future plans?

Yes, Our first concerns are launching a successful ICO and build our 4 core services - online poker - online sports betting - peer-to-peer betting exchange - Esports platform. As soon as all our platforms are 100% ready and fully operational than we will expand our brand with a lot more opportunities to use your RAISE tokens. Some of our future plans are: - Esports marketplace. - Webshop with poker and esports related products. - A backing and Staking platform for poker players. - Ambassadors and professional poker team to represent our brand world wide. - Launch our own live poker tournaments. -........ and much more to come. The sky is the limit.